My Life's So Common It Disappears

It's All About Tink
13 May 1976
Just another crusty ex-sailor on the road to redemption, or possibly ruin.

The Usual Suspects:
Aida, a 7 year old seal-point Siamese girlie. She is angry at the world and likes to pretend that she's feral despite the fact that she's lived with me since she was 12 weeks old. Is most likely to be found on the heated cat bed, in a sunbeam, or curled up using Braxton for a pillow.

Beowulf, a 6 year old black & tan Doberman. Not, perhaps, the brightest bulb on the string but a sweet boy who mostly lives to be petted and to try and eat Zille's head. He is also perpetually worried about something, I'm not sure what. Loves my mother more than anything else in the world.

Tinkerbelle, a 6 year old fawn Doberman and my heart dog. Tempestuous, dramatic, loving, hilarious, faithful, opinionated, and a mostly-blind genetic wreck. She is the quintessential fashion hound and refuses to go outside in the rain without a rain coat, or to stay outside on cool days without a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Braxton "The Enforcer" Bragg, a 6 year old pure-bred sable Tennessee Random Cat. Keeps order in the household and my feet warm at night. He was found in a ditch in eastern Tennessee, and has grown from a malnourished psychotic kitten who fit in the palm of my hand to a massive, laid-back, 20 lb tomcat who adores snuggling with me or with Beowulf, but wishes the other cats would quit using him for a pillow.

Rooney Lee, a 6 year old rescued Cornish Rex boy. Intensely loving and also a bottomless pit where food is concerned. His front claws were removed by his former owners, and he lost his teeth to plasma cell stomatitis. This does not stop him from trying to go outside or ambushing dogs nearly 10 times his size.

Zille, a 2 year old sable German Shepherd girl. Sweet, serious, thoughtful, fetching in so many senses of the word. She does not believe I am capable of functioning out of her sight, likes to lick cats, and is quite possibly too smart for her own good (or mine).

Sid, a not-yet-1 year old black German Shepherd boy. Silly, enthusiastic, responsible, adorable, and adoring. He's my service dog candidate and is even smarter than Zille.

I knit, I read, I spend too much time online.

I don't mind being randomly friended but pls to drop me a note and tell me who you are!

I felt left out because I had no tickers.

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